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Class::Base => Badger::Base

While installing SQL::Translator I noticed, that Class::Base, one of its prerequisites, is printing the raw TAP to the screen.

I asked Andy Wardley if I could modernize the tests. He agreed, so after almost 10 years break and 20 minutes hacking, there is a new version of Class::Base on CPAN. He also suggested that people should rather use Badger::Base which is effectively its successor.

So now Class::Base recomme…

Writing tests by non-programmers

I constantly see requests from companies to allow non-programmers to write automated tests. I also see products that allow this on various levels of sophistication. Every such tool also requires some programming in a high level language. Sometimes that is VB Script or .NET or Java. It is rarely Perl.

By the time the customer understand that they need a lot of extra programming they have already invested a lot of money and time so they won't switch to another solution even if that saved them a lot of money and time.

So I though I might try to reinvent this wheel. The idea would…

Distributing applications via CPAN

CPAN is a very good system to distribute libraries we call packages or modules. What about applications? There is a section on CPAN that was supposed to distribute scripts but it never took off. Is CPAN ready to be used to distribute applications? If not, what is missing?


For Padre, which is a desktop application, we use CPAN as our primary way of distributing the source code. You can install it by just typing cpan Padre That's OK, bu…

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