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The Dutch SPPN helps funding the promotion of Perl

During the German Perl Workshop I met my friend Mark Overmeer who asked me who financed my trips to the various events promoting Perl. I got lucky that in every place friends gave me free accommodation. The Perl Foundation, and YEF covered the

Then I checked and actually I paid 3,446 USD for the 4 trips.

It would be quite a lot of money to spend on my hobby but I see it also as an investment.
It is par…

How would you show Catalyst (or Moose or DBIx::Class or Perl 6) in 5 minutes?

One of the things we missed on CeBIt is an easy way to show various Perl technologies. We improvised which worked ok but for the upcoming events - and we are planning to participate on a number of events in the next 6 months - we would like to be a lot more prepared.

We would would like to have a 5 minutes long presentation on each interesting topic. After going over the slides that would allow every one of us to talk about almost every one of the projects. For example when people asked us about Perl 6 the other Perl::Staff members sent the visitors to me and I showed them a few of my…

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