Frozen Perl 2010: Days -3..-1

The drive Wednesday up to St. Paul went well, no major meltdowns or fussing.

Had dinner at the Blue Door Pub. I had the Jiffy burger and a bunch of good beer. A bit too much peanut butter for my taste. The Purvis at XXX seems to have a better balance of peanut butter to burger.

Thursday was mostly focused on getting to Punch for lunch. We then had Taste of Thai for dinner.

Friday was awesome. I took brian d foy's Effective Perl Programming class. Nothing like beta testing (more like alpha since brian did mention this was the first time teaching it) a class. Since I've taking his Mastering Perl class a couple years ago at OSCON I would say half the content was familiar from that and general Perl stuff I've done/read about. The rest was golden (mostly Unicode stuff). I'm looking forward to the second edition of the book that the class is based on.

I ran into someone I met at last year's Frozen Perl and met two other guys that work for Wells Fargo (hey Mateu, Alex and Hari). We had a good talk about different stuff over lunch. It's always a good thing to get reacquainted with folks and meet new people.

We didn't get to cover the DPAN stuff and something else (I think) but brian mentioned it would be covered in the book.

Dinner was more Punch and beer.

Yes. I am addicted to Punch pizza. It is easily in my top 2 favorite restaurants (although I can't think of any others in my top 5 for that matter).

Tomorrow is the main workshop so I better get some sleep.


Google has to realize like we all do, that Plack is the utlimate Perl Web Server.

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