Gaming Con event filtering and RapidApp

I'm a fussy person I guess. I haven't really like the way I can filter or search for events that might interest me for the two gaming conventions I've attended the last few years, GenCon and Gary Con.

GenCon provides an excel file of events that gets updated before event registration starts. Gary Con hasn't had this yet so I scrape it. For both of them I munged that data into a sqlite db.

Now, being the sharing guy that I am I was wondering how I could share this data, other than just throwing the sqlite fi…

The Quantified Onion

Since Joel has outed me already. :-)

At this year's YAPC::NA I had a chance to meet David Mertens and Joel Berger.

After some email exchange with David and Joel I decided to create a Google Group, The Quantified Onion, for discussing the use of Per…

Perl 5.16.0 installed

I thought I would see how long my new 8 core box would take to compile 5.16.0.

It took about 18 minutes 25 seconds if stat on the build log is accurate.

So now I have the new shiny...just need to reload all the CPAN modules I use now.


WTF Perl Books

I was purchasing a dead tree copy of Modern Perl on evil Amazon I noticed several "you might also like" books:

Higher-Order Perl

Perl Language Reference Manual - for Perl version 5.12.1


I'm sure mjd might take exception to the title of the first book. Larry might be surprised he is the author of the second. The P…

Frozen Perl 2011: Parse::Stallion/Intro to Dancer/Hallway Track

I missed the Parse::Stallion and most of the Intro to Dancer talks because I spent it talking with olegm and perigrin.

I really would have liked to catch them but it is always interesting to talk with folks.

perigrin is a fellow player of Lacuna Expanse and it was good to meet him.

I then mostly listened to olegm and perigrin compare notes about putting on a workshop, relative costs...generally what perigrin was going to talk about after the Intro to Dancer talk. :-)

The most interesting comment was when perigrin said he …