Perl 5.16.0 installed

I thought I would see how long my new 8 core box would take to compile 5.16.0.

It took about 18 minutes 25 seconds if stat on the build log is accurate.

So now I have the new shiny...just need to reload all the CPAN modules I use now.



Perhaps you can compare with how long it takes to compile the newest Rakudo Star, Ruby 1.9.3, and Python 3.2.3 :)

It takes my 8 core box about 3 minutes. Perl supports parallel building, but you have to enable it explicitly (perlbrew -j8)

I can't imagine why you'd have an old perlbrew, but just in case -- parallel testing was added in 0.18.

Going into ~/perl5/perlbrew/dists, untarring perl-5.16.0 and going into that directory:

2 processor Core2 6400:
38s sh ./Configure -des
2m 14s make -j3
6m 2s TEST_JOBS=3 make test_harness

8 processor i920 (4+4 hyperthreads):
35s sh ./Configure -des
38s make -j9
1m 54s TEST_JOBS=9 make test_harness

12 processor 3930K (6+6 hyperthreads):
31s sh ./Configure -des
23s make -j13
1m 24s TEST_JOBS=13 make test_harness

On the 8 processor i920, with the 5.16.0 tar.gz already in place, doing 'time perlbrew install -j9 perl-5.16.0' took 3m 25s. The build log shows it running all the tests.

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