Seeking collaborators: native puppet cpanm provider

Any other puppet using perl developers out there frustrated by the lack of a native cpanm provider for package resources in puppet?

I just ordered "Puppet Types and Providers". Should be here in two weeks. I'm thinking it would be nice to contribute back a new provider to the puppet code base to serve our needs as perl developers and as sysadmins who have to manage perl code bases.

I just created a project work space for such work at:

I'll try later today to outline my thoughts on the user interface and the features I imagine this puppet provider making available in the README in that repo.

I would love to collaborate with others on such a project. If interested, please clone the repo and send me your pull requests, drop me a line at: or call me at x21 at the phone number published in the footer of that domain.

-- Hugh


There's SaltStack where such a feature could be useful too :

If anyone is interested, let me know (luc [at], I would be happy to help.

Note that does exist. I've not used it nor examined it extensively, but it's out there...

You might want to check out
it seems to be a more up-to-date fork of the torrancew one.

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