Reviewing gitolite modules from the puppet forge

When a million flowers bloom in the world of open source, with no clear winner in the popularity contest for wide-spread use, sometimes the options can overwhelm. What follows is a summary of what I learned spending a day reviewing my options for a tool I could perhaps have written myself in that time, if I had felt free to ignore the prior art. It relates to yet another great tool written in perl, gi‪tolite by sitaramc.


If you manage your infrastructure with puppet, your source code with git and have need of an in-house git repository providing user and group ac…

Resolving gitolite's "remote: FATAL: fingerprinting failed for 'keydir/'"

Digging about in the gitolite code reveals this error is thrown when a regex fails to find a valid looking fingerprint after running ssh-keygen -l -f 'path/to/'. (See man ssh-keygen for details).

To resolve the issue, run that command locally and have it generate a valid fingerprint before you push your configuration changes to the gitolite server. I found my issue was that I had failed to include the 'ssh-rsa ' prefix to the key.

I also saw comments suggesting this issue was related to key size. I saw successful tests using the '-b 1024' and the '-b 2048' switch…

Building a cpanm-puppet-provider requires first a fuller-featured package manager for perl

My earlier post --

Thinking out loud about creating a real puppet package provider to handle perl modules, led this afternoon to a conversation on #perl-help with ilmari_ who pointed out that the lack of a real package manager for perl will frustrate efforts to wrap that missing functionality in a native puppet provider …

Seeking collaborators: native puppet cpanm provider

Any other puppet using perl developers out there frustrated by the lack of a native cpanm provider for package resources in puppet?

I just ordered "Puppet Types and Providers". Should be here in two weeks. I'm thinking it would be nice to contribute back a new provider to the puppet code base to serve our needs as perl developers and as sysadmins who have to manage perl code bases.

I just created a project work space for such work at:

I'll try l…