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Asynchronous MySQL Queries in Perl Using DBD::mysql and AnyEvent

A lot of people use MySQL, and these days, asynchronous-style programming has really taken off. If you're involved in both of these camps, you may be wondering
for each connection, and exchange data using IPC. However, if you're using Perl and DBD-mysql 4.019 or better, you have an alternative: the new asynchronous interface.

Using the new ="pr…


At INOC, my place of work, I work on a lot of web applications with the backend written in Perl using Catalyst, and the frontend written in Javascript using ExtJS. With a UI written completely in Javascript, I often encounter bugs of the following form:

  1. Fire up Catalyst.
  2. Login.
  3. Click through half a dozen controls in the UI.
  4. Enter some data.
  5. Click “submit”.
  6. Watch the web application give you an angry error.

As you can imagine, the ti…

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