Opinions Wanted On Changing Vim Syntax Highlighting

Hello fellow Perl (and potentially Vim) users!

There's an open issue on the vim-perl issue tracker about how the current syntax highlighting is inconsistent in how it highlights chained method calls, which currently looks like this:

 1 use strict;
 2 use warnings;…

System Sleuthing - Using ptrace to Print Backtraces

I recently developed a Perl module that allows you to print backtraces when your program makes certain system calls; see my blog for the full story!

Oh My Glob

Hello fellow Perl developers,

I wrote up a blog entry about typeglobs on my personal blog: what they are, and what they are used for. If you've never heard of typeglobs, or you feel you could stand to pick up a trick or two, check out the post:

Oh My Glob

Perl 5 Internals - Part Four

installment will cover something a bit different: the optree. Those of you who are familiar with compiler concepts are no doubt familiar with the notion of an abstract syntax tree (known as an AST for short). The optree is perl's take on the AST: it's something similar to, but not entirely the same as, an AST. Befor…

Perl 5 Internals - Part Three

This is a cross post from my blog.

In the previous post, we talked about some of the optimizations that perl performs when conducting string and array operations. This time, we'll be diving into how perl implements hashes. But first, a brief clarification…