Inline Grant Weekly Report #1

Just finished up week #1 of the TPF Grant for Inline Modules with DAVIDO++. We've been having a blast, making great progress, all while trying to push the boundaries of open/public/televised/pair/perl programming!

Here's our weekly status report (using our new homemade blogging system (thinking about you, Tony Bowden!)):

We'll be writing up a report each Saturday, just in time for Gabor's

Stop by #inline on an…

Inline Granted

This news is a couple of weeks old now, but the Inline-for-XS-Modules TPF Grant Proposal was accepted! A big Thank You to the Perl Community and the TPF.

David and I have just returned from vacations and we started work on the project today. Our first order of business was to create this web site, to which we will be posting regular updates on our progress, and oth…

A Grand, 2014

A couple of days ago I got a tip that I was very close to being the first CPAN author to upload 1000 releases in a year (989). Today I topped it off:

Thus ends my CPAN numbers ambitions. From now on I will concentrate on -Oquality -Ofun and -Oacmeism. Actually the numbers stuff ended in early September.

The -Oquantity and -Ofrequency flags were fun for a while, and it resulted in my getting a large portion of my modules into an up to date state; but numbers for numbers sake has a l…

CPAN Day - 317 Uploads and 21 Guns

Sometime in May 2014, ETHER mentioned on IRC that she would soon be passing me up on this leader board. I was number 20 and she wasn't far behind. I guess I took that as a challenge, because this past weekend on CPAN day, I moved into the #6 spot. This post explains how.

I've created a couple CPAN packagers over the years, like Module::Install, and Module::Package, but earlier this year I decided to give up on those and just use Dist::Zilla, so I moved most of my act…

Perl 6, Surely but Slowly

Last month I wrote a post about Rakudo being ready for release. I ported a substantial framework from Perl 5 to Perl 6, and it just works. Surely, but sloooooowly!

I'd like to make the case that Rakudo is now ready for something else... A serious performance boost!

Last night I timed the basically equivalent TestML test suites in Perl 5 and ="…

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