Inline TPF Grant to be Finished by Christmas

OMG! That's now!!!

The Inline Grant is Finished!

Merry Christmas, Ingy and David

Tis the season to get Inline

Have you been naughty or nice?

David and I have been busy elves!

Inline Grant Nearing Completion

See our blog:

The Inline grant work is, um, working! Just a few things left to do, and we'll call it a wrap.

Inline Grant Progess

Greetings from PPW 2014.

David and I had a good week on Inline, but I had to cut it short to prepare for and attend this year's Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. I gave a mixed bag talk yesterday morning and the first topic was the Inline grant:

You can read about our progress in the Week #3 report here:

Don't forget to read the week #2 report as well, if you missed that last week.

Inline Grant Weekly Report #1

Just finished up week #1 of the TPF Grant for Inline Modules with DAVIDO++. We've been having a blast, making great progress, all while trying to push the boundaries of open/public/televised/pair/perl programming!

Here's our weekly status report (using our new homemade blogging system (thinking about you, Tony Bowden!)):

We'll be writing up a report each Saturday, just in time for Gabor's

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