PWC 060: Task #1, Excel Column & Task #2, Find Numbers

PWC Task #1, Excel Column

jaredor submission for Task #1

Convert back and forth between base 10 and base 26, no problem.

"Column A" equals 1? Problem.

Okay, as problems go, that is a small one. Let I, an old Fortran programmer who loves perl, be your guide between offset indexin…

PWC 059: Task #1, Linked List & Task #2, Bit Sum

PWC Task #1, Linked List

jaredor submission for Task #1

Partitioning an input array into a @lower and @upper array based on a pivot element, $k, and then recombining into an output array (@lower, @upper) is pretty easy, e.g.,

say join(' ', (grep { $_ $k } @ARGV), (grep { $k = $_ } @ARGV));

A linked list …

PWC 058: Task #1, Compare Version & Task #2, Ordered Lineup

PWC Task #1, Compare Version

jaredor submission for Task #1

I usually am bored with string twisting (as opposed to bit twiddling) because there is a certain level of grunt work, even with such classics as ELIZA and FESTOON and I can easily fall down the…

PWC 057: Task #1, Invert Tree & Task #2, Shortest Unique Prefix

PWC Task #1, Invert Tree

jaredor submission for Task #1

The problem is in two parts, flipping the tree and pretty-printing it.

The flipping part is pretty easy, but since I'm a huge fan of Higher Order Perl I thought I should at least try to make it sort of like the tree walking code I remembered reading,…

PWC 056: Task #1, Diff-K & Task #2, Path Sum

After posting two separate blogs for PWC 055 and seeing how awkward the explanations were, I'll try a new tack: Both submissions will be elaborated in one blog post. The elaborations will not be explanations. I'll focus more on the "idea" part and let any programming details come out in the comments, if at all.

PWC Task #1, Diff-K

jaredor submission for Task #1