TWC 127: Intersection on a Sunday Afternoon

This is my entry for

The Weekly Challenge, week 127

Task 1, "Disjoint Sets" was basically something I've done before somewhere else. In fact, what I'm using is overkill for just determining if two sets intersect. I imagine most people would probably use the FAQ answer. However, I'm …

TWC 124: Literalism and existence proofs in the service of stress reduction

Again another week where I solve one answer and punt on another.

TWC Task #1, Happy Women Day

jaredor submission for Task #1

Well, "solve" may be a strong word for what I did with this problem, at least for my programming conscience. The problem statement was simple, but had no requirements for an acceptable solution other than what you could infer from the exam…

TWC: Punting to MJD and Showing Q&D Geometry

JIT blogging

I'm always doing other things and then Sunday comes and I start thinking, "How much time do I have before it's midnight in London?"

When "The Perl Challenge" first started, I was happy to just ponder the problems. Then came the pandemic and I thought that I would use some of my then copious free time to contribute. Then time got not-so-copious. And more people started contributing to TWC, some people much more talented than me, it turns out.

So I'll take a stab at things when I can and I'll still try to write a stand-alone script the way (I wish) I would…

TWC 120: Task #1, Swap Odd/Even bits & Task #2, Clock Angle

TWC Task #1, Swap Odd/Even bits

jaredor submission for Task #1

I was just going to use a variation on last week's "Nybble Swap" task for this, but then I foolishly thought, "No, I've read Hacker's Delight I should twiddle bits!"

Okay, now that I told you about my first mista…

TWC 119: Task #1, Swap Nibbles & Task #2, Sequence without 1-on-1

TWC Task #1, Swap Nibbles

jaredor submission for Task #1

Hello everyone, I'm back after a year's absence, good to see everything is going as strong as ever. I have some extra time this weekend, so thought I'd try my hand at an answer again.

But, oh golly, looking back over my earlier posts on earlier problems was just painful--too many details! Going forward I'l…