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Dancer2 0.205002 released; survey update

Dancer2 0.205002 has just been released and is on its way to your favorite CPAN mirror. Highlights include a number of documentation improvements (thank you, simbabque and ambs!) and the fixing of some lingering and pesky bugs (thanks to Nick Tonkin, Pierre Vigier, and our very own bigpresh, ambs, and veryrusty).

The full changelog is as follows:

0.205002  2017-10-17 16:08:25-05:00 America/Chicago

* GH #1362: Make cookies http_only by default (David Precious)
* GH #1366: Use proper shebang on dancer script and make EU::MM do the job
* GH #1373: Unset Dancer environment vars before testing (Alberto Simões)
* GH #1380: Consider class of error displayed when using show_errors
  (Nick Tonkin).
* GH #1383: Remove Deflater from default app skeleton (Pierre Vigier)
* GH #1385: Fix links inside the documentation (Alberto Simões)
* GH #1390: Honour no_server_tokens config in error responses (Russell
  @veryrusty Jenkins)

* GH #1285: Add "Default Template Variables" section to manual (simbabque)
* GH #1312: Fix docs for Dancer2::Core::Route->match, which takes a request
  object (simbabque).
* GH #1368: Don't allow XSS in tutorial (simbabque)
* GH #1383: Remove full URL on links to third party modules (Alberto Simoes)
* GH #1395: Customize TT behavior via subclassing (simbabque).

There’s two weeks left in the Dancer 2017 Survey! We have received close to 100 responses now, and are still looking for more. Your input is valuable in charting the future of Dancer. If you have yet to fill out the survey, there’s still time. Responses will be accepted until 11:59 PM on October 31st.

Until then, keep on Dancing!

Dancer 2017 Survey: Update

We are a week into the Dancer 2017 Survey, and we have received 77 responses to date. The Core Team has received a lot of great feedback from the community so far, and it has already resulted in some exciting new work, the most notable of which being the release of Dancer2::Plugin::Websocket by Yanick.

The Dancer Core would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to respond thus far, and would like to encourage those of you who have yet to respond to take a few minutes and ="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFcLEcAYujouTHUJ9tHdL7FILmHEoNCWU-q_ngerAdkc2x_g/v…

Dancer Survey 2017

On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, I would like to announce the availability of the Perl Dancer 2017 Survey. As Dancer 2 has become stable and matured, the Core Team is sometimes left to wonder what our community wants from us next, as it is the greatest deciding factor in focusing our efforts. What better way to answer that question than to survey you, our users, for what you like, don’t like, and what you want to see?

And so we would like to ask you to share your thoughts and feelings about Dancer2, the infrastructure, and its community. Whether you are a new user or a former user…

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