Dancer 2017 Survey: Update

We are a week into the Dancer 2017 Survey, and we have received 77 responses to date. The Core Team has received a lot of great feedback from the community so far, and it has already resulted in some exciting new work, the most notable of which being the release of Dancer2::Plugin::Websocket by Yanick.

The Dancer Core would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to respond thus far, and would like to encourage those of you who have yet to respond to take a few minutes and give us your feedback. You can help determine the future of Dancer!

If you are interested in helping with Dancer, but are unsure of where to begin, check out the list of issues on Github. There are a number of issues that are not only tagged as being up-for-grabs, but many are even beginner suitable. If you have any questions, please engage with us on IRC, Github, or our mailing list.

On behalf of the Core Team, thank you, fellow Dancers!

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