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Pinto Road Show: Los Angeles: July 18-19

I'll be giving a presentation about Pinto to the Los Angeles Perl Mongers on July 17th. Pinto is the ultimate tool for creating a private repository of Perl modules, so you can build your application with the right modules, every time.

While I'm in town, I'd like to visit some of the local Perl shops. I'd love to meet your team and learn about how you manage your Perl modules, and give you a personal hands-on tour of Pinto.

So let me know if you've got a confer…

Announcing Pinto-0.087

announcement.pngA new version of Pinto has been released. Pinto is an application for managing Perl modules. It solves "the CPAN problem" by creating custom repositories of Perl modules that can be used with the standard Perl tool chain. When you build your application from your Pinto repository, you get exactly the right versions of the modules you want, every time.


Pinto Users, Please Stand Up!

A local company has been experimenting with Pinto for a couple weeks and they asked me to come chat with them. So I met some of their developers yesterday and we talked about how Pinto might improve their build process. The conversation was great and we learned a lot from each other.

But when they asked me "who uses Pinto?" I didn't have a good answer. I can show them all the forks on GitHub, or tell them how many times getpinto.stratopan.com has …

Office Hours For Pinto: MWF from 16:00 to 18:00 (UTC)

Time management has never been my best skill. The only way that I manage to get anything done is by making daily TODO lists for myself. But I'm still easily distracted by E-mails, Twitter, and IRC. I get such a huge thrill from seeing people use Pinto that I can't resist immediately responding to any inquiries or comments that come across my screen.

But I really need to buckle down and get some things done. The crowd-funded features for Pinto and the beta of Stratopan are my highest priorities for th…

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