"Parsing: a Timeline", version 3.1

I have updated my "Parsing: a Timeline" to version 3.1. You can see the official announcement on my blog, or "cheat" by going straight to the new timeline.

A third of Timeline 3.1 is new, ad…

"Measuring language popularity"

Measures of language popularity are more than a little rough. Can they be improved? My latest blog post is "Measuring language popularity".

"A Haskell challenge"

"A Haskell challenge" is my most recent blog post. Michael Arntzenius pointed out that Haskell's native parsers have trouble with its list comprehension syntax, and wondered if Marpa could do better. It can.

"Marpa and combinator parsing 2"

My new blog post is "Marpa and combinator parsing 2". In it, I continue to talk about how to combine Earley and combinator parsing to get the best of both.

This time, I have a trial implementation. I take on parsing of Haskell's significant whitespace, implementing all the examples in the 2010 Language Report and the classic "Gentle Introduction". By the time I'm done this amounts to a substantial subset of Haskell's syntax.

"Undershoot: parsing theory in 1965"

The newest blog post on the Ocean of Awareness blog is "Undershoot: parsing theory in 1965". It revisits the question "Why, despite all evidence, is parsing considered solved?", this time supplying some more background.