"Undershoot: parsing theory in 1965"

The newest blog post on the Ocean of Awareness blog is "Undershoot: parsing theory in 1965". It revisits the question "Why, despite all evidence, is parsing considered solved?", this time supplying some more background.

"Parsing left recursions"

My latest Ocean of Awareness blog post is "Parsing Left Recursions".

"A lot has been written about parsing left recursion. Unfortunately, much of it simply adds to the mystery. In this post, I hope to frame the subject clearly and briefly."

"Marpa and combinator parsing"

"Marpa and combinator parsing" -- the Marpa algorithm as the basis of better combinator parsing.

This is the second post of a pair on my Ocean of Awareness blog. (The first one was "Marpa and procedural parsing")

"Marpa and procedural parsing"

The newest post on the "Ocean of Awareness" blog is "Marpa and procedural parsing": Marpa's procedural parsing is more flexible and more powerful than recursive descent's.

"Parsing with Pictures"

The newest entry in my Ocean of Awareness blog is about the paper "Parsing with Pictures" by Pingali and Bilardi. It describes a new, easier and more natural way to look at parsing. I try it out, looking at Marpa and the Might/Darais algorithm.