What are the reasonable programming languages?

My latest blog post is "What are the reasonable programming languages?" Nowadays, we think we know what languages are realistically possible. But in the 1970's, programmers knew that they didn't know. So they asked for the languages they actually wanted. What kinds of language did they ask for?

Top-down parsing is guessing

"Top-down parsing is guessing" is my newest blog post. Top-down is the most flexible of parsing methods -- you can add anything else to it. And you have to, because pure top-down parsing is, literally, guessing.

Grammar reuse

My latest blog post looks at a grammar reuse, comparing regular expressions, PEG, Perl 6 grammars and general BNF parsers, including Marpa. A good property to have in itself, grammar reusability is crucial if a parser is going to be the basis for language-driven programming.

Fast handy languages

My new blog post is a summary of what the Marpa parser is about. It even includes a section on when not to use Marpa.

Linear? Yeah right.

Marpa claims to be linear -- O(n) -- for every grammar class that PEG, recursive descent, yacc or bison are, and then some. Dubious? Check out "Linear? Yeah right."