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Script vs. Simple Application

I find myself in the habit of saying that I will write a "script" as opposed to an "application" or a "program." I suppose that my habit of saying "script" has roots in procedural language design. Although I still have a habit of saying "script" even if I write an OO application.

Perhaps I unconsciously use the word "script" when I actually mean "simple application" because I want to convey to others that the task will be simple to perform - because I'm leveraging the power of Perl and the CPAN - and will be done quickly.

Perhaps I'm unconsciously thinking that it is ris…

The face of the CPAN

One of the things that people were emphasizing at YAPC::NA::2010 was the importance of marketing and framing Perl. Another thing we learned is that the CPAN is the "language" for our Perl "virtual machine."

If you were telling a novice Perl developer about the CPAN, which web site would you send them to?

Perform a Google search for "cpan" and notice that www.cpan.org is returned as the first result. Don't get me wrong, www.cpan.org is a great resource for developers. However, I don't think that it gives a very good first impression. …

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