Perl Koding

Ever seince I started using a Chromebook I have been interested in the concept of cloud-based IDEs for development. I am disappointed with's lack of Perl support in their runtime containers and IDE, but it's technically possible to develop Perl apps on their platform.

I recently heard about I signed up and was delighted to discover native Perl support in both their default runtime container and IDE; with support for syntax highlighting and code completion. I cloned an existing Git repository, and I felt almost like I was working in a normal linux environment…

Perl Has No Static Code Analysis Tools?

Don't believe what you read on the Internet.

Despite what Wikipedia says - Wikipedia's List of tools for static code analysis - Perl has plenty of tools for static code analysis.

e.g. Perl::Critic and Perl::Tidy

Let's fix this. Anyone a Wikipedia editor?

Perl in the News

Perl FTW (open source implementation of Apple AirPort Express)

Adding Version Control Sanity to Solaris logadm

However, there is one big drawback to logadm. Whenever it runs, it stores a timestamp for each log it rolls in the logadm configuration file itself. I'll leave it to the reader to question the sanity of this.

For example:

/var/adm/messages -C 4 -a 'kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`'

Is changed to:

/var/adm/messages -C 4 -P 'Sat Apr 09 21:…

Perl-based Massively Multiplayer Online Game

JT Smith and his crew have created a massively multiplayer online game called the Lacuna Expanse. The game is great, but the coolest part is that the back-end is written entirely with Perl!

JT unveiled the game and the underlying technology at the latest Madison Perl Mongers meeting.