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Galileo and websockets

While I have been on vacation, I have found a little time to add some polish to Galileo, my recently released CMS. Recent additions include a utility for writing a mostly generic configuration file and administrative popups which explain how to create new pages or add new users. The most important thing I have added though is some more setup-time documentation! Hopefully people will now find it even easier to get a Galileo-based CMS up and running.

In writing the documentation, however, I was faced with a question that I do not know the answer to: do any other plack-based or otherwise Mojolicious compatible Perl webservers (i.e. plackup, starman, twiggy etc) support websockets? While in principle a Mojolicious app can run under all of these, Galileo depends heavily on websockets, especially for content editing.

If any of you know, please comment.

I have more ideas for improvements to Galileo, but they will take a little more work than I want to put in here on vacation. In the meantime it is still very functional, go take a peak. :-)

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