Drones at MadMongers

Tonight we’re meeting at The Bodgery where Timm will show us all the crazy cool stuff he’s been doing with Perl and Quadcopters.

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Perl 6′s Killer App - Async

About a week ago I expressed my concerns about Perl 6′s future and people came out of the woodwork to tell me about all of Perl 6′s features, but didn’t really address what I was asking: What are the business cases for Perl 6? 

So I decided, maybe I should think about what kinds of cool businesses and apps could be built using Perl 6′s new feature-set. Mind you, I’m not going to build any of these anytime soon. I’ve already got too many businesses for my own good and I’m launching…

Christmas Came, Bah Humbug

Perl 6 is here and people in the Perl community seem to be excited, but I don’t understand why. Perl 6 is a bit sexier than Perl 5. It’s got quite a few whiz-bangs I’d like to use. However, I’m likely never going to use it, and I think the same is true for the other established businesses using Perl 5. Here’s why:

There is no real migration path from Perl 5 to Perl 6. If you have any significant code base in Perl 5 you’re going to keep working in Perl 5. 

If you decide to up and rewrite your entire system, are you going to choose Perl 6? As amazing as Perl 6 is, I…

Hack Retreat - woodar.dj

Hack Retreat - woodar.dj:

I did this a few years ago and it resulted in The Lacuna Expanse. I’m thinking I may be due for another one. 

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In “Cede Your Soul”, an episode of a tv show called “Blindspot”...

In “Cede Your Soul”, an episode of a tv show called “Blindspot” one hacker disses another hacker for using Perl instead of Python. You can see it around the 18:20 mark. 

The diss is that you can develop code faster in Python than Perl. The two languages are pretty similar in terseness. And any hacker worth their salt is going to build libraries in their language of choice.…