That moment when your auto-scaling, self-healing servers and...

That moment when your auto-scaling, self-healing servers and continuously integrated and continuously deployed codebase all start working together seamlessly and flawlessly. 

If none of that made any sense to you, then just understand this: 

muhahahahah! *rubs hands together while laughing maniacally*

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Adventure Series Part 3

See part 1 and part 2 to get caught up. In our part 2 meetup (last night), we changed things up a bit. I decided that tackling the space mission to start was going to be a bit much (too much content), so I switched us to /var/www/users/jt_smith/index.html

Perl Aventure Series Part 2

A couple weeks ago we had our first meeting for the Perl Adventure Series. Despite a terrible ice storm we still had 3 new people turn out in addition to our regular cast of characters. I hope we see them (and more) back. 

During the meetup we set up our Dist::Zilla config file, and a new GitHub repository for the adventure series. And we got started designing the mission data structure. 

We had a great time…

Perl Adventure Series

Last month I offered a bold proposal to my Perl Mongers group (MadMongers): Let’s create a video game from scratch as a learning exercise!

At MadMongers we give a talk every month on some area of Perl technology. However, we almost never put those lessons into a practical hands-on form. Yet, we have members who are everything from “I have never used Perl.” to “I have used Perl every day for 20 years.” So my proposal was to build something relatively simple so that we could build it in roughly 12 two-hour sessions over the…

MadMongers (Madison Perl Mongers)

MadMongers (Madison Perl Mongers):

I have an idea for a year-long series of presentations for MadMongers. Come listen and share your thoughts.

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