March 2010 Archives

Introducing Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaNoIndex

A quick announcement. A couple of months ago I brought up a problem with Dist::Zilla in that it had no way to stop modules from being indexed that are included in the distribution for testing or example purposes only. Ricardo gave me a work around, but I decided it was time to actually implement a real fix. So today I've released /users/jt_smith/2010/03/index.html

Introducing JSON::RPC::Dispatcher

Have you ever needed to create an application server quickly? Maybe you tried SOAP? It's never a fun experience, and if you're like me you may have ended up reinventing the wheel a lot due to poor quality modules on CPAN, or confusing documentation. Today I'm announcing JSON::RPC::Dispatcher. It's a super easy way to create JSON RPC 2.0 web services. It's built on top of /users/jt_smith/2010/03/index.html

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