Introducing Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaNoIndex

A quick announcement. A couple of months ago I brought up a problem with Dist::Zilla in that it had no way to stop modules from being indexed that are included in the distribution for testing or example purposes only. Ricardo gave me a work around, but I decided it was time to actually implement a real fix. So today I've released Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaNoIndex.

Adding this to your dist.ini:

folder = author.t

Will add a section to your META.yml file like this:

		- author.t

Which will stop PAUSE/CPAN from complaining at you about or whatever other classes you might have created for testing.


That's great, I've been trying to rewrite a dist of mine to use Dist::Zilla and that was one of the things needed to move from Module::Install.

Still a few things to go but I'm getting there with modules like these.

You've got a little bug in 0.0200:

    if ($self->has_file) {
        $no{namespace} = $self->namespace;

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