With WebGUI, It's In There

In a recent interview I did with SourceForge, I got to plug all the really great development that's been going on in the second age of Perl.

I think it's nice when we as Perl devs are able to spread the word out to audiences outside the Perl community. Hence the reason I share this link. I'd like to see more of this from other Perl devs.


With WebGUI, It's in There, unless by It you mean support for databases other than MyISAM MySQL.

In their roadmap they recommend moving away from feature-anaemic MySQL and suggest PostgreSQL as a possible solution, but essentially dismiss it since '... it's so different from what we use currently that it would likely get killed in the mire of work it would create to switch to it', which is a damning statement, considering that WebGUI actually started out with multiple RDBMS support but seem to have adopted MySQLisms wholeheartedly to the their, and others, detriment.

The work they would have to do to switch away from MySQL is the fault of their strong and enthusiastic dependence on the lowest common denominator database system.

An interesting counterpoint to this is Bricolage, which for years seemed very tied to the PostgreSQL DBMS, but now runs as well on MySQL as it does on Pg.

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