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Perl Event of the Summer

For one reason or another I have had to delay giving a talk at my local Perl Mongers group for the past few months. And one of the regulars accused me of hyping it so much that it will no longer be able to stand up to expectations. So I responded by writing a long email to the mailing list explaining why nobody will want to miss this presentation. Not to be outdone, he then wrote a script for a commercial for this talk in the form of a movie trailer. I couldn't just let it go at that, so I actually created the commercial for his script!

No More Excuses

Occasionally I find a bug in someone's module and post a patch or a bug report. About half the time, the bug is fixed and the new module is released in less than a week. Could be better, but not too shabby. However, about the other half of the time the bug either goes unanswered, or I hear back from the module author that the patch needs to wait until some big release that they are waiting on. I hereby declare bullshit on that. Dist::Zilla makes it so ridiculously easy to push out a release that there is no longer a reason to wait on pushing a bugfix release immediately.

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