Several people have asked about the chat system in The Lacuna Expanse and whether it is something they could use in their own sites. Indeed it is, though until today it was anonymous only. Read on for the details.

The chat system in Lacuna is powered by Envolve. It's designed to be something you can just plop a couple lines of javascript into your existing site and it just works. However, if you've got a bit more advanced site you'll likely want to have your authenticated users be automatically logged into the chat system.

Today, I've released a new module, Chat::Envolve, that lets you do just that quickly and easily. How easily? Well, like this:

my $html = Chat::Envolve->new(
   api_key => $key,
   client_ip => '',

There are of course a few more options to give you fine grained control, add avatars, declare admin status, etc. But the above will work for the simplest integration. Chat away.

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