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These days RESTful web services are all the buzz, even though many who think they know what that means don't have a clue. But if you want to build a truly RESTful web app to go with your RESTful web services you'll quickly learn that web browsers only support GET and POST in HTML forms. Plack::Middleware::HttpMethodTunnel to the rescue after the jump.

More Ouch

The response to my original Ouch post has been overwhelming. Based upon the number of responses it got and the number of emails I personally received about it, Ouch must have struck a cord.

I've taken the feedback I've received and released Ouch 0.03. New feature details after the jump.

Ouch - Exceptions that don't hurt.

For the past many years I've been using Exception::Class to create rich, object-oriented exceptions. However, I've always disliked it, but I never found anything better. I felt like it was just too verbose and seemed to get in my way more often than it helped. Finally I created Ouch, a minimalist exception handling system. Details after the jump.

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