YAPC::NA 2012 in Madison, WI

It's official, MadMongers has won the bid to host YAPC::NA 2012 if Madison, WI. I wanted to share a few quick links with you:

The official blog of YAPC 2012.

The official RSS feed of YAPC 2012.

The official Facebook page of YAPC 2012.

The official Twitter feed of YAPC 2012.


What's with the choosing of expensive cities to fly into?

Asheville, Madison. Sheesh.

If it's too expensive to go to Madison directly, fly into Milwaukee, or Chicago. And drive the rest of the way, carpooling with someone. Or catch the bus.

If going to Chicago's O'Hare airport, there's a fairly-nice bus you can catch ( http://www.coachusa.com/vangalder/ss.ohareairport.asp ) that will drop you off 1 block from the Pyle Center (Langdon Street in Madison). I used to ride it weekly; I happily recommend it anytime except late in the day on Fridays (when it crowds up). Apparently Megabus and Greyhound are also convenient... I don't have much recent experience busing in from Milwaukee, though.

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