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ACT Running From Plack

I'm proud to announce that our dev team has officially gotten ACT (the conference registration system used by YAPC) running on Plack. Check out the ="text-decoration: none; outline-style: none;…

The Game Crafter

I'd like to see more people talk about their successes with Perl. I don't think we do a very good job of promoting successes. So while there are lots of great Perl apps out there, we as a community need to talk about them more. So I'll start, and I hope to hear more from you guys.

The Game Crafter is one that I'm very proud of. It's completely written in Modern Perl using Moose, DBIx::Class, Dancer, ElasticSearch, Image::Magick, and over 100 other modules, and deployed on Perl 5.12 (cuz 5.14 came out just before we launched it).


YAPC::NA Needs Your Help

We need your help to make YAPC::NA the best it can be. First, we are trying to compile a list of every company and organization that uses Perl. Second, if there is someone you'd like to hear give a talk about anything submit them to our Presenter's brainstorm list.

ACT being converted to Plack

Our software dev team for YAPC::NA 2012 has begun the task of converting the venerable ACT conference management system, used to run many YAPC's, to Plack. It is currently directly tied to the mod_perl 1.x API. This modernization effort should make ACT more accessible to more developers around the world. Our hope is that this work will be completed and released to GitHub in the next few weeks.

YAPC::NA Facebook Page

YAPC::NA now has a permanent Facebook page with a shorter URL:

If you're a Facebook user, this is an easy way to keep up with everything going on at YAPC::NA 2012 and beyond.

In addition to our new Facebook page, you can also keep up to the minute by following our Blog, our RSS feed, our LinkedIn Group, or our Twitter …

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