ACT being converted to Plack

Our software dev team for YAPC::NA 2012 has begun the task of converting the venerable ACT conference management system, used to run many YAPC's, to Plack. It is currently directly tied to the mod_perl 1.x API. This modernization effort should make ACT more accessible to more developers around the world. Our hope is that this work will be completed and released to GitHub in the next few weeks.

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I've recently investigated the conversion of a mod_perl-1 application to running under Plack.

It's definitely achievable - I'd broken the back of it in about a week, with minimum changes to the underlying application; mostly conditionals around mod_perl-isms which I want to support for the transitional period.

I'm interested to know what your approach is - are you heading for a 'rewrite large chunks to be more PSGI friendly' or are you going the 'fake Apache::Request and change as little as possible' route?


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