DuckDuckGo is a general purpose search engine, primarily written...

DuckDuckGo is a general purpose search engine, primarily written in Perl. DDG offers way more instant answers, way less spam/clutter and real privacy. DuckDuckGo has been giving back to open source, and we’re proud to include them as our sponsor for YAPC::NA 2012. A growing portion of DDG itself is open, including user-contributed Perl goodies

As a side note, we’re also using DuckDuckGo as our search engine on the official YAPC::NA blog. The search results are so much more accurate now.

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I've been on again and off again with DDG, mostly due to laziness. As the first step of supporting this cool Perl project, I'm now setting my Chrome's default search to DDG. Go DDG, go Perl!

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