Dyn is looking for a Back-End Ecommerce Developer

Dyn is looking for a Back-End Ecommerce Developer:


Dyn is looking for a Perl developer to join our ecommerce back-end development team. The successful candidate will work on “nuts and bolts” back-end projects that deliver the functionality and experience our marketing team and users expect. Some familiarity with web development would be helpful. However, this is not a front-end web development role.

Required Skills

  • Sets realistic expectations and delivers on schedule
  • Able to focus and avoid scope creep while minimizing workarounds
  • Enjoys not only writing code to deliver function, but also writing and using tests to validate. Feels a project is complete when the results are proven via tests and understood via documentation
  • Collaborates with technical and non-technical colleagues to identify and deliver excellent solutions
  • Familiar with OO programming
  • Understands the core concepts of relational databases
  • Enjoys working on complex systems in a fast paced environment with changing requirements

Desired Skills

  • Able to keep user experience in mind during planning and development
  • Prior experience with ecommerce
  • Familiarity with revision control systems (CVS, Subversion, etc.)


It is neat that you post these, but:

- are they posted on jobs.perl.org where people would be looking?
- they'd be MUCH more useful if the location of the position was mentioned in the title of the entries
- the linked page shows no results when i ctrl+f on it for "relocation"

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