We’re pleased to announce that Shutterstock has become...

We’re pleased to announce that Shutterstock has become Gold Sponsor of YAPC::NA 2012. Shutterstock loves Perl.  They’re a stock photo and video company, and are at the forefront of technology and research.  They do fascinating things with search, discovery, recommendation engines, and scalability.  They’re looking for really smart people and great engineers to help them to continue to be a leader in the industry.  They focus on fast, iterative development (over 150 deployments/month) and collaborative, interactive programming. Developers work on small cross-functional teams (4-6 people) that have a voice in setting their own priorities and are expected to build and deploy applications quickly and iteratively.

If that’s not enough, check out these other perks:

  • All the hardware you want:  Their philosophy is that hardware is cheap compared to your time.  If you think it will increase your productivity, they’ll buy it for you.
  • Professional development:  The more you know, the more valuable you are to them.  So you’ll get any tech book you want, and they’ll reimburse your tuition for classes.
  • Lots of free goodies: Breakfast, fruit, pizza on Fridays, and even massages.

Interested?  E-mail techjobs@shutterstock.com.


I'm aware of ShutterStock's support of the Perl community. They're awesome, .. its also worth mentioning the libraries they contribute to the ecosystem (can't find the page right this moment but http://bits.shutterstock.com/?p=63).

IMO, it also seems that they're neck-and-neck with the other two leading stock photography sites (corbis and istockphoto).

We list our open source projects at code.shutterstock.com. Search the page for "perl" because we have projects in other languages too.

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