Talk Approval Process for YAPC::NA 2012

As you know we’ve started the open call for presentations for YAPC::NA 2012. This year, we’re going to be approving talks using a new process.

We’ll start approving talks next week, rather than waiting until we have a large array of talks. We’ll give priority to talks that fit with the Beginner Track or Perl in the Wild Track. We’ll be approving a handful of talks every week. This doesn’t mean that if your talk isn’t approved right away, it won’t be. However, the sooner you get your talk proposals in, the better chance you have of getting a talk approved and placed on the schedule.

Our deadline for proposals is March 15, 2012. So get those proposals in now. This year, there’s no time for procrastination, because the slots will be getting filled up in real-time.

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

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