YAPC::NA 2012 Call For Presenters Now Open!

We are now accepting talk proposals for YAPC::NA 2012

We’re of course interested in anything Perl-related you want to talk about. However, we have two areas we’re definitely interested in:

First, we’re looking for talks on Perl in the Wild. These talks are about businesses and individuals who have done great things with Perl. Perhaps you’ve automated your house with Perl, or built the latest and greatest web app. Or maybe you’re controlling Arduino boards to build robots with Perl. Maybe you’ve got amazing case studies in high-end performance with Perl. Or maybe, you’ve built a boring little app in Perl that has enabled your business to make millions of dollars. You could be building a great video game in Perl, or perhaps a social network to take down Facebook and Twitter.  Whatever it is that you’ve built or are building, we want to hear about it.

Second, we’re looking for the quintessential Perl 101 talks. We’re putting together a program to train the next generation of Perlers, and we need your help. Assume they will have a basic understanding of Perl syntax, but nothing else. So you can show them how to best get something in and out of a database. Or you could show them how build a simple web app,  munge a log file, or write an IRC bot. Maybe you want to show them all the cool things you can do with tied variables, or why they should choose Moose, Mouse, Moo, or Mo. Someone really should show them how to handle exceptions, write to a log, and do performance profiling. No matter whether you’ve been coding Perl for 3 months or 3 years, you’ve got something to share with the Perl newbies of the world. Submit a talk and help bring someone new into the fold.

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