I’m pleased to announce that pair Networks has decided to...

I’m pleased to announce that pair Networks has decided to sponsor YAPC::NA 2012.

pair Networks, Inc., a global Web site hosting and domain name registration company, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, hosts hundreds of thousands of Web sites for businesses, bloggers, artists, musicians, educational institutions,and non-profit organizations from around the world.

pair Networks first went online in January 1996 and has experienced strong growth year after year.  pair Networks is well-managed, consistently profitable, and one of the world leaders in its industry.

All of pair Networks’ operations, including datacenters, support operations, administrative facilities, and employee commutes & business travel are 100% Carbon Neutral. Plus, pair Networks is powered by 100% renewable energy.

To learn more about pair Networks, visit: http://www.pair.com/

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

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Pair is a great company that I've been using for years. I find almost all hosting companies annoying, but Pair is the least annoying. They are fairly Perl-clueful too. For anything I don't want to maintain myself, I use my Pair account.

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