Hardware Hackathon Talks

The hackathon and hardware hackathon have proven so popular that we’ve already sold out. However, we’ve acquired an additional room that will be available for hacking through-out the entire YAPC::NA 2012 conference. We did this to ensure there’s always a space to spread out and collaborate on projects. 

Some people are planning on giving talks or small demonstrations at the already sold out Hardware Hackathon. For example Robert Blackwell will give a talk called Moving Servo Motors with Perl and Andrew Rodland will give a talk called A Man With Two Watches is Never Sure

The hardware hackathon will be freeform for the most part, but if you would like to give a talk or a demonstration on the official schedule, go ahead and submit it. We’ll get it on the schedule. Also, in the notes indicate which of the 5 days of the hardware hackathon you’d like to give your talk. You’ll likely get a bigger audience if you do it in one of the first two days, however, you’d have to have already purchased your badge for the Hackathon since it’s already sold out. 

YAPC is nothing if not about collaboration and sharing ideas. We want to make sure everybody has that opportunity, so that’s why we’ve extended the Hackathon to be all 5 days. 

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

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