Lodging for YAPC::NA 2012

We’ve posted it before here, and on the web site, but we want to make sure nobody missed it. Here are all the links you need for lodging at YAPC::NA 2012:

Lowell Center (Hotel at the Conference Facilities) - $89 / night

Chadbourne Hall (nearby dorm) - $42.10 / night

Madison Hostel (10 blocks away) - $22 / night

Parking Permit (If you’re staying at Chadbourne, or driving in each day.) - $12 / day

Get your reservations soon as they are filling up very quickly. 

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

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For the Lowell Center login, enter the group code YAPC (according to the YAPC::NA 2012 lodging info).

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