Zero to Perl Workshop SOLD OUT!

The Zero to Perl Workshop at YAPC::NA 2012 is officially sold out! It joins the Perl Testing Workshop that sold out last week.

We still have a handful of seats left for the Hackathon / Hardware Hackathon if you’re looking for a pre-conference activity. Those will likely be gone by Monday, so if you’re interested in either the Hackathon or Hardware Hackathon then please get your badge soon.

We still have about 75 seats left for the conference itself also. Though with two months left to go, we expect to sell out of those as well. The moral of the story, get your badge now.

PS. If you are a speaker, you are not required to purchase a badge, as it will be provided for you. If you are a speaker and have already purchased a badge, your entire badge fee will be donated to The Perl Foundation to continue the development and maintenance of Perl.

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

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