YAPC::NA Will Be Televised!

We wanted to do something that, to our knowledge, has never been done before at YAPC, so I’m pleased to announce that YAPC::NA 2012 will be streamed live out to the internet for free! We will have professional videographers in all four of our main track rooms (not the workshop or hackathon rooms). Those feeds will be streamed live to the internet so that anyone who couldn’t make it to YAPC will be able to watch in real-time for free. 

These feeds will also be recorded, however, we don’t know yet what to do with those recordings. We’ll probably upload them to YouTube or some other online video service, but we’re hoping to get some volunteers to help with that task, as we’d like to automate that process as much as possible. If you have experience with this, and want to help, please email admin at yapcna dot org. 

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]


Organize them on Confreaks: http://confreaks.com/

Do we know what the feeds will be? I'd like to get my IT dept to setup some monitors here at the office so that people not going can at least watch.


Thanks, I will ask my IT dept to start helping me figure it out!


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