Have Lunch with a Perl Celebrity

From guest contributor brian d foy for YAPC::NA 2012

I’m setting up a decidedly low tech way to give newcomers special
access to Perl celebrities without the risk that their conversation
will be hijacked by all the other conference attendees who already
know that person. So far, I’ve convinced Sinan Ünür, Randal Schwartz
(merlyn), Ricardo Signes (rjbs), Karen Pauley, and Dave Rolsky to
participate. If you’d like to be one of the Celebrities for these
lunches, add your name to posterboard.

There will be a posterboard in the conference registration area
starting Wednesday morning. For each day, there will be some slots
where someone with the Celebrity’s name and a meeting time (and maybe
a food preference). Four people can put their name under the slot
they’d like to attend (and maybe we’ll add a waiting list). Meet back
at the posterboard at the chosen time and go to lunch at a place your
group chooses. That group gets an exclusive lunch and conversation with
the Perl Celebrity. Although I’m not requiring that the group cover
the lunch tab, it might be a nice gesture.

My only rule is that you should not have ever interacted with that
person, online, offline, IRL, or in any other way.

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]


If only the poster boards were visible...

I'll look after talks. There absolutely was nothing there during lunchtime today. I walked the whole area multiple times

It was there during lunch. Did you ask anyone with a staff shirt?

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