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Business::Shipping clobbers your Log4perl config

Just an FYI, if you're using Business::Shipping in your app and also Log4perl, then Business::Shipping will clobber your Log4Perl config with it's own. A quick work around for this is:

use Business::Shipping;

Basically clobber Business::Shipping right back.

If I get some round-tuits I'll submit a patch to fix this problem. If the author of Business::Shipping were using something like Log::Any then he could spew out his logs, and the consumers of Business::Shipping could simply load the appropriat…

Meetup.com Event for The Perl Foundation Community Symposium

Meetup.com Event for The Perl Foundation Community Symposium

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

Perl Social Event, Tuesday August 7th, Downtown Chicago

The Perl Foundation is having a Community Advocacy kick-off event in Chicago on August 7th.  It’s going to be a fun, social event with talk about community. A “symposium” (check out the dictionary definition).  It will be in a nice Irish pub with room for 72 people in a private upstairs area.   Food and drink will be available, possibly some sponsored.

Contact Yaakov Sloman <yaakov@perlfoundation.org> with your questions.


Lacuna Expanse Goes Open Source

The Lacuna Expanse is a massively multiplayer empire builder game written in Perl. Long ago we open sourced the iPhone and web clients for the game, today I'm pleased to announce that we're open sourcing the server as well.

Some of you may be asking, "Why would you do that?" and "Does this mean you're shutting down the server?"

No we're not shuttin…

YAPC::NA 2012 Survey Closes Friday

The YAPC::NA 2012 Survey closes on Friday. If you have not already done so please go fill out the survey. It will help next year’s organizers plan a better conference. Check your email, you got an invitation with a code to fill out the survey. Fill it out now!

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

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