Business::Shipping clobbers your Log4perl config

Just an FYI, if you're using Business::Shipping in your app and also Log4perl, then Business::Shipping will clobber your Log4Perl config with it's own. A quick work around for this is:

use Business::Shipping;

Basically clobber Business::Shipping right back.

If I get some round-tuits I'll submit a patch to fix this problem. If the author of Business::Shipping were using something like Log::Any then he could spew out his logs, and the consumers of Business::Shipping could simply load the appropriate adapter rather than having Business::Shipping clobber the Log4perl global config. I guess technically this could be a bug in Log4perl using globals too. Anyway, this little work around should get you by in the mean time until a patch can be authored to remedy the problem.

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