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Perl Startups

At YAPC::NA 2013 I pitched the idea that Perl needs more startups. I've created a lot of startups myself, but I haven't seen too many coming from the community. To my surprise a lot of people came up to me afterwards asking for advice on how to get started. So I've started a blog on the subjects of startups and marketing.

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Build Something People Want

A while back I said "just build something”. That was a bit of a lie. You need to build something people want. Don’t be the one who builds something s/he thinks people want. Make sure. Do you want it? Are you building it for someone who will use it immediately? Do you work somewhere that could use it if it existed? Do some basic market research. If you build something people want, then you’re already on your way to success.

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APIs and Marketing

If you are a software developer and have created or are creating a start-up, then please do not forget about building a web services API. Not only will it be an excellent way to build out a web site and connect mobile clients, but a web services API can be an excellent marketing tool. 

Someone made this super cool video of all the devs working on...

Someone made this super cool video of all the devs working on the Lacuna Expanse source code tree through-out history.

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