Woot! It's alive!

After a marathon hacking session yesterday I’ve got a working server up for The Captain Is Dead (TCID). Many video games can be developed by basically creating a state machine, which is essentially what I’ve done for TCID. All you’re doing is tracking the set up of the game map, and what state all of the components attached to the map (including the players) are in. 

I’m writing TCID video game in Perl using a toolkit we developed in-house called Wing. Wing is effectively a set of preferences for developing web-service enabled web apps. It glues together all our favorite components such as DBIx::Class, Dancer, Moose, Config::JSON, jQuery, pNotify, Bootstrap, beanstalkd, and a whole lot more. Without it there’s no way I would have been able to build out a working video game server in a day. 

Lot’s yet to do, but I’m glad to finally get started on this project.

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