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Treat Criticism and Complaints as Defects

If you have a customer who complains about something, don’t ignore it, no matter how crazy you think the complaint may be. If it can happen once, it can happen again; and more importantly, how many times has it already happened and nobody brought it up? 

Perl and Raspberry Pi

Perl and Raspberry Pi:

[From my blog.]

Windows Shell to Perl Program

Have you ever whipped up a quick shell script that later you wished was a real program? We did an experimental workshop at MadMongers on Tuesday where we, as a group, roughed out a Perl program from a Windows batch file. The whole process worked out rather well and we plan to try it again with another topic, perhaps something like web scraping or doing something with a web service. Here are the brief notes (also available in MadMongers files):

Spinning Your Wheels Is A Red Flag

If you find yourself spinning your wheels while trying to implement something, it’s usually a red flag that you need to step back and take another look. It might mean you didn’t put enough thought into designing whatever you’re building, or it might mean that you’ve discovered and unforeseen hiccup that may require you to change direction.

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