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Christmas Came, Bah Humbug

Perl 6 is here and people in the Perl community seem to be excited, but I don’t understand why. Perl 6 is a bit sexier than Perl 5. It’s got quite a few whiz-bangs I’d like to use. However, I’m likely never going to use it, and I think the same is true for the other established businesses using Perl 5. Here’s why:

There is no real migration path from Perl 5 to Perl 6. If you have any significant code base in Perl 5 you’re going to keep working in Perl 5. 

If you decide to up and rewrite your entire system, are you going to choose Perl 6? As amazing as Perl 6 is, I…

Hack Retreat -

Hack Retreat -

I did this a few years ago and it resulted in The Lacuna Expanse. I’m thinking I may be due for another one. 

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