You can import your Metacpan favorites into! is a website that notifies you when your favorite modules get updated, via e-mail or RSS.

As of today, you can now import your favorites from into

And if your metacpan favorites list changes in the future, no worries: the corresponding feed in your account will adapt accordingly.

Multi-user feeds in!, the site that notifies you about new releases of your favorite modules, just got better for groups, with Multi-User feeds.

If you're part of a project team, and wish to have your team members be able to view and/or modify your feed(s), as of today you can.

The owner of the feed grants read or write access rights to any users they want. If one of these guest users modify the owner's feed (i.e. adds or removes some modules which are tracked by this feed), the owner will get notified by email about all modifications at the end of the day (only if… now sends emails!

I have updated with an important feature. is a site that notifies you whenever your favorite Perl modules get updated.

Up until now, it let you track changes to your favorite modules through an RSS reader. If you wanted to receive email updates instead, you had to use an RSS-to-email gateway, but that didn't work too well (important color and styles were lost from the text, and the emails were full of advertisments).

From now, sends its own emails to the users. It is opt-in, so if a user doesn't provide their e-mail addre… is broken

When I click on "login" from the front page and type in my username & password, I get a "Permission denied." error message. If I need to log in, I have to reset my password, and then I'm logged in.

New developer tool:

Hi people.

I just developed, a website that can be of use to Perl developers.

Say you’re a Perl developer working on a project that depends on a number of modules from CPAN. Or you’re maintaining a module on CPAN with any number of dependencies.

You need to know when one of your dependencies’ interface changes (because then you should have your module updated as well), and you’d like to be notified when a new and exciting feature arrive to your dependencies, because you might want to use…