RxPerl release candidate is out

I was working on the completely fresh rewrite of perlmodules.net, when I decided I want to use WebSockets with this site.

So "innovations" started flowing through my mind in order to achieve WebSocketry, and ended-up deciding it would be very helpful if I could use ReactiveX on my Mojolicious site, in terms of size and neatness of the code, buglessness and maintainability.

This is how we ended up with RxPerl, a project I spent a lot of time to make it work well.

Now at version v0.16.0 on CPAN, it is a release candidate. I would like to ask anyone interested to take a look and see if they can find things they don't like about it, in advance of its proper v6.0.0 release which could happen late next week.



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Would be nice if you ask to put link from site to your module. So perl will be listed ;-)

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