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QA Hackathon 2014 and CPANTS

I mostly worked on CPANTS at the QA Hackathon in Lyon, as I did in the previous years.

As one of the significant topics of the hackathon was PAUSE permissions, I started to add PAUSE permissions handling to the CPANTS analyzer (thanks to Ricardo Signes), and introduced a "no_unauthorized_packages" metric as an extra one. Because the PAUSE permissions index hasn't kept the date/time when one got or lost the permissions, this metric may return a different result from in a rare case when a person who had necessary permissions and successfully released a distribution event…

DBD::SQLite 1.41_07

As the upstream released a new version of SQLite ( and I was asked to include it in the next stable, I released yet anther release candidate: DBD::SQLite 1.41_07. There's no changes in Perl/XS, and all the bugs fixed in the stream should be obscure. I'm planning to release it as the next stable in a week or two, after I get enough reports from you and/or CPAN Testers. Tell me if you happen to find anything. Thanks for your patience.

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